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Welcome to Connection Experiment

We believe that the process of making and learning piano is about authentic Connection. That’s why we founded Connection Experiment.

Everything we do is based on our core belief that everyone is a creative artist: it’s just a matter of tapping into what you already have and embracing your creative voice. 

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Live Group Courses

Live Group courses are a wonderfully fun way to learn how to play the piano for adults while connecting with other people. Courses meet once a week on zoom for an hour over the span of 10 weeks. Group courses are a one time payment that ranges from $150-$350 and is based on a sliding scale. 

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Monthly Membership
$99 per month

The monthly membership gives you access to  all of our digital courses, access to any new digital courses, a once monthly 30 minute LIVE class with the coaches, community with a private Facebook group to ask questions and get feedback from peers, as well as access to a coach’s email address for individual help.  The monthly membership is $99 per month. 

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Digital Courses 
$169 Each

Digital Courses are perfect for adults wanting to learn at their own pace, one course at a time. Get access to 10 videos, journal prompts to take your learning deep, printable pieces of music, AND a course guide to ensure your success. Digital Courses are $169 each

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