Our goal is connection. When we play for you, we will do everything in our power to show up and be authentic. Our desire is to create space for the connection that happens when we recognize our shared humanity. 


There is an unfortunately romantic and artistic idea of a performer on stage being a vessel through which music moves. But the problem with this idea is that if a musician is this super natural being through which music moves, that doesn’t leave room for their humanness.  When we idealize music and make it in to something divine, we inadvertently create a sense of distance and separation between the artist and everyone else. It’s hard to feel connected when there’s a wedge between us and the people around us.  We connect to stories. We connect when we can put ourselves in someone else’s shoes and understand their struggle and strengths.  

We want to get rid of the boxes and the preconceived notions of what a concert or music 'should' be.  Join us.