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"I loved the compassion and enthusiasm that Ashlee and Stephanie created in the Intro to Piano Course. The content was thorough and fun. Would definitely recommend these teachers and class to anyone who is starting on their piano journey.” - Leslie A.

"Stephanie and Ashlee are fantastic at teaching the courses. They covered not just how to play the piano, but concepts related to why and how music works. This helped with a better overall understanding of the piano and how to play. They work very well as a team utilizing zoom to help work through concepts that might be difficult at a solo teacher. They encourage you as a beginner and express no person plays perfectly and perfection is not the goal. They are fun and encouraging to work with. You won’t be disappointed! -Steve M.

"I took this class on a whim because I love learning new things. Little did I know of the challenges that lay ahead for me in this 'beginner course'. Through the diligence, patience, and amazing teaching skills of these highly adept instructors, I learned so much about chords, music theory, classical composers, blues musicians, jazz music jamming, famous blind musicians, making music I can enjoy, and so much more. I can honestly say that I am smarter today, and yet extremely more humble than I was ten weeks ago! I have come away with a much better understanding of music, a renewed awe for musicians, some personal piano playing goals, and a desire to know more! I cannot think of better way to learn than through a group class online with these two. I highly recommend them, and look forward to learning more myself!” -Melissa Y.

"This Connection Experiment course was wonderful. Every lesson was taught with care and various examples were provided to enhance learning. The instructors are amazing in every way. I love that we are encouraged to be ourselves and allow our personalities to show through our pieces.” -Tracy M.

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