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The Method

Embrace YOUR Artistry


Join us for a four week course

To embrace your artistry

In this course we will: 

  • Establish true connections to your inner musician

  • Connect with other musicians that are on this journey with you

  • Dig deep into your musical origin stories to reconnect with your why

  • Sort through what you TRULY want as a musician - and weed out what society tells you that you SHOULD want

  • Dream without limitations about what your true self wants from music

  • Create a future path and plan that aligns with your why 

For the musican who:

  • Feels Creatively blocked

  • Is wondering if they're good enough to actually be a professional

  • Feels judged in the music world

  • Is tired of hustling

  • Feels like they failed to make it as a "mainstream artist"

  • Wants to say yes to only the opportunities that align with their truth

  • Wants to take risks and embrace their authentic musical voice

The Method
October 6-27th, 2022

Four weeks to authentic artistry


There are so many toxic ideas thrown around about being a musician. Things like:


Perfection is the standard.

Being a musician is a STRUGGLE and you should wear the struggle as a badge of honor.


Creativity is exhausting.

At Connection Experiment, we know that none of this is true.

You don’t need to be perfect. In fact, your imperfections are your secret weapons to success.


Being a musician doesn’t have to be a struggle. You can make a living, work the hours you want to work, and be fulfilled.

Creativity isn’t exhausting, as long as we put ourselves first and make sure that we’re operating from true desire and happiness.


When we start digging into who we truly are, 

We learn from the mainstream musical paths, but we must eventually learn who our authentic musical selves are.

We look at the standards placed before us and examine how they serve us and how they harm us. 

This is what we do in The Method. 

Ready to embrace who you are as an artist?

You can do this.

You don’t have to hustle anymore.

It doesn’t have to be THIS hard.

When you rediscover your why and connect with your true self, magic happens.

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