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Upcoming Live Courses

Piano Pillars

April 4-June 13, 2022

Who: Any Adults with Any Amount of Musical Experience

Where: Zoom

When: Mondays at 6-7pm PST


Dates: April 4-June 13(excluding May 30) - 10 classes total

Cost: based on the honor system 

  • Students who make <$40,000/year will pay $150 for this course ($15 per class)

  • Students who make $40,000-$80,000/year will pay $250 for this course ($25 per class) 

  • Students who make $80,000/year or more will pay  $350 for this course ($35 per class)


In this 10 week course we will:


  • review of topics from Intro to Piano 1 and Intro to Piano 2

  • spend time on foundational skills and pillars that are sometimes overlooked like time management and practice routines

  • learn techniques to get your playing to sound even better at the piano

  • develop rhythm with some engaging exercises that you can do on your own

  • explore the skill of actively listening

  • utilize breakout rooms for one on ones and small groups for specific questions and feedback

  • play for each other every other week

  • make space for individual questions and feedback


    for the full syllabus or for any questions!

Want to test out a class for free? Enter your info and get access to a recording of the first week of Intro to Piano 1!


Download a pdf of our sight reading and performance tips!

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